Mark Fast - fall/winter 2009

Mark Fast shows us that bare skin is the new black for fall/winter 2009.

The 27-year-old Canadian knitwear designer and Saint Martins’ graduate grew up outside the sub-zero city of Winnipeg. Laughable, considering how itsy bitsy some of his ensembles are. The sleek, energetic, and often sly knitwear is heavy on fringe, feathery wisps and drips in a frenzy of edgy decadence. It’s easy to see how shape is important to his craft: Fast literally works on the body as he knits, blending Lycra with viscose, and angora with wool with the skill of a surgeon.

The suspender mini-skirt is a highly-detailed stitch, resembling tightly braided hair loosely covering a barely-there tank top. The look is severe, casual femmebot and sparse, complemented with some shimmering bangles and stilettos, while the bow-neck sleeved dress with tassled hem and ammo-bullet styles is both cheeky and restricted.

This collection’s strength lies in its overall sense of freedom and flow. Whether it’s a partial-sleeved wrap with frayed hem insouciance, a knit hoodie over a tiny bell-shaped dress, or beaded pearl-like stitching in an orange, off–the- shoulder dress, Fast’s work is hypersexual, soft, vain, and varied.

Oh, and always on the edge of epidermis overshare.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer