Marie Saint Pierre - fall/winter 2009

Marie Saint Pierre’s fall-winter 2009 collection bursts with her signature ruffles, and with volume and streamlining in all the right places.


Through some kind of trademarked magic, Marie Saint Pierre manages to make her unique style both trendy and relevant, while retaining individuality. The designer takes popular pouf silhouettes and makes them her own, from the metallic zipped jacket to the chiffon puff / pleather dress hybrids. Volume appears to move, wave-like, from the shoulders to oversize sculpted sleeves, and down more than one bubble dress. Ruffles work wonders in the dusty rose jersey dress.

The collection is mainly black and white with indigo accents, though the silk pieces could have used some more splashes of colour. While sticking to this limited palette, variety is achieved in other ways. Admirably, all body types are catered to, with pieces that add volume in places and slim down in others: a fun and ultimately wearable mix.

For the finale, a burst of feathered white explodes from a sleek black top. After keeping tabs on this designer for nearly a decade, I can safely say that I will never cease to be impressed.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer