Muse - fall/winter 2009

Sharp classics by Christian Chenail remix two of the most powerful decades of the 20th century for fall-winter 2009.


The 60s and the 80s seem to have a long-distance relationship that has never really ended. In Christian Chenail’s Françoise Hardy and Jackie Kennedy-infused fall/winter 2009 collection, traces of time travel come across in a clever buffet: a washed-out variant of the tie-dyed / acid-wash look in simple blue and white is either paired with brightly coloured tights or slick ruby red pants. Parachute pants are redubbed in distressed leather—perfect for a Bangles concert.

Faux fur is used to contour the look snugly along the neckline, and where leather brings out the stand-offish merlot and grey. Below-the-knee pencil skirts are well-crafted in charcoal and hazelnut, tickled with spots of pink and carnal red.

The look is then lit up with a bit of First Lady pomp, while the fuchsia knit sweaters and stylish grey suit pants takes a successful stab at office chic. Of the many risks taken in this collection, the off-the-shoulder tube dress with leopard-print variation (red, pink, grey and gold) tames what could have been over-the-top into something elegant and calm.

Time-travelling aside, one thing is for certain: the clothing fits, the colours work, and the shapes are classic.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer