Nada - fall/winter 2009

Nada brings intrigue and depth to Canadian fashion with a glam-goth fall-winter 2009 outing.

This collection seems determined to rebel against the trends that ruled the LG Fashion Week runway: saturated tones and plaids are nowhere to be seen. Instead, cocooned models were covered right head-to-toe in leather, rubber, chiffon and much more, demonstrating the height of gothic glam, not to mention the infinite number of things the world offers us to hide behind.

The meeting point between animals and humans has a longstanding tradition across all art forms. Nada’s appropriation is from the stable, as the collection takes a wild risk with the horse-mane aesthetic. The result is fascinatingly unique, though more than a bit distracting.

Try this stunning piece on for size: A neoprene and velvet coat with diamond embroidery is both futuristic and luxurious. Nada’s inventiveness also comes through in the suede-leather combos, and in the layering and tassels on some of the lighter dresses. Simpler shirt and pants combinations were less ornate but maintained a gothic edge befitting the collection.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer