Pink Tartan - fall/winter 2009

For fall-winter 2009, Pink Tartan brightens the everyday with a little help from the fox and the houndstooth.

Draped blouses, leather pants, and classic tweeds breezed along the runway in a classy Nautica tour-de-force where bold patterns held sway. The prim and proper Chanel suits in black and white houndstooth check was definitely the boldest look, uneclipsed even by the cotton-candy pink and fuchsia skirt. We saw other nods to designer greatness, namely, with the Yves Saint Laurent-style jacket and gigantic bow. The black dress with fourteen gingerbread buttons down the front was mesmerizing, worn with Lycra spandex, and with military ridges that also dominates some of the power suits in the collection.

For the colder months, the beetle-black duvet jacket is surely impervious to Canada’s malicious storm fronts, though it appears to restrict movement. The sumptuous fox coat, however, loosens up the look.

And was I imagining things, or did I see Warholian Marilyn Monroe silkscreens projected on the wall at the head of the LG Fashion Week runway? I could’ve sworn they looked like either Ronald Reagan or Pink Tartan business partner Joe Mimran in a blond wig! Either way, it’s clear that Pink Tartan is keen to serve up some designer pop culture with its latest offerings.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer