Simon Chang - fall/winter 2009

Simon Chang brings ribbons, frills, and winter wonderland glam to Montreal Fashion Week for fall-winter 2009.


This legendary fixture in the Canadian fashion scene brings us a line of formal eveningwear ready for the gala, the party, or for just plain parading around. Clearly having fun with the collection, Chang infuses his coats and dresses with peacock feathers, flowing ribbons, fur hats and generous servings of campy fun.

The belted coat with wispy mohair finish and glitter detail clearly vies for showstopper status, while another highlight is the playful pink and black spaghetti string dress, what with its cutesy bows. Adventurous pieces include the full-length copper-toned coat and the Spy vs. Spy ski coat with fur leggings.

The appearance of a simple, classic white winter coat however, drawn together nicely with a striped scarf, brings cohesive energy to the cozy intentions. This strength is reiterated in how the variety of fabrics share similar tones of metallic gold, black and tan.
It’s quite clear that Chang came to dazzle, to keep us warm, and to inspire.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer