Todd Lynn - fall/winter 2009

Todd Lynn plays Leader of the Opposition for fall-winter 2009, bringing a classic black and white duel to light.


This outing is full of duality and emotion: the upper crust of horror and angel chic. With elegant white jackets and scarves, furs and leathers, Lynn’s keeps his colour gladiators in their corners for most of the show. It’s not scary, or overtly pure. The dark side has a Matrix feel to it, but not devoid of its own interpretations. The beautifully unusual shapes and cuts (a daring, shroud-like hood appears twice in the collection) in the half-length jackets morph, as we see in the all-consuming gauntlets that combine with billowing fur. There are minor accessories, such as dangling crystal beads to fill things out with a macabre, night-has-fallen finish. It is evident that Lynn not only pits good against evil, but also leather’s wild reputation against tuxedo’s class.

The collection shifts gears to polar bear white, again using similar combinations of leather and thick fur that envelops. Lynn lightens the mood and allows us a bit of light, especially with the short-sleeved suit jacket and half-lace dress shirt, a piece that is perhaps furthest from Lynn’s dark side. However what cast the greatest shadow in this collection are the meeting points between his two extremes: a little bit from both worlds.
George Michael’s Faith came on as Lynn took his bow, fitting in a way: as the song goes, “before this river becomes an ocean,” we can see clearly how Lynn’s polar extremes are definitely in creative balance.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer