Ula Zukowska - fall/winter 2009

Ula Zukowska weaves poetic whimsy into her practical fall/winter 2009 oeuvre.


Brown, sunset gold, black all flavour ULA’s fall/winter 2009 collection, one in which the Canadian designer makes harmony of seeming opposites: earthy tones with urban cuts, Japanese geisha and origami elegance with a futuristic edge.
The designer’s multiple versions of the little black dress is eccentric and clever, one such piece creating a cloud of pooled fabric into a gentle cloud at the back – one example of this fusion and experimentation.

Standout pieces are the black and white fur jacket with its inner-strength vibe, shorts worn with sculpted shoulder jacket and a wool dress over a green taffeta blouse. Whether the simple turtlenecks, leather dresses, or form-fitting jackets, you’ll find no office restraint here, nor the shackles of power-dressing–with Ula, it’s all about the cozy flow.

Ula’s special effects include fur wraps, segmented fur accents (that pop in hyper contrast when worn with black), wide concave collars.

Overall, this collection combines the earth, the night, and a few of your wildest dreams.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer