Envers - fall/winter 2010

This fall, Envers by Yves-Jean Lacasse is a luxuriously layered collection that draws upon the richness of Mongolia.

Known for integrating ethnic references with classic tailoring, the latest by this Montreal designer came in a bold and beautiful array of saturated colours, in such varied fabrics as two-tone taffeta, sumptuous knits, and ruffled sheer.

The Turkish, North Indian, Chinese and Russian influences of the nomadic horse-riding culture give rise to fairly simple silhouettes, with womenswear staying in the realm of wraps, either long dresses or worn over pants. The menswear sticks to lightly structured jackets with harem pants. After all, how else are you going to ride a horse? But that is where the simplicity stops.

Elaine Saucier’s hats add a touch of crowning glory to the collection, a luxe bohemian spirit that recalls early Etro. Pinstripes emphasize Lacasse’s menswear niche and make for a little artful chaos when combined with prints in the same colours. For the men, silken Turkish harem pants were not out of place when paired with traditional men’s suit jackets. Embroidery features heavily, from nehru collar trims to full circular patterns in white-on-black wraps for both men and women.

Not to be outdone, womenswear features a gold and lilac wrap pouf coat as well as a laser-cut white chiffon blouse.


Chin Seow Pua, Fashion Writer