Denis Gagnon - fall/winter 2010

Denis Gagnon’s fall-winter 2010 collection was a moving display of raw and refined sensitivity, as fringe and leather make an otherwise unlikely union.

Blessed by bronze, sinuous zippers on mocha and black leather (a continuation from his spring-summer collection) curvy revealing fringe dresses and pants in anthracite, black and chestnut find their complementary opposites when topped with the impenetrable leather jackets. Also not to be missed are the lightly draped jersey dresses in burgundy and black, with golden zippers trailing from the neck and tracing the folds of fabric.

Playing off this delicate balance, golden chokers of zipper teeth worn with fur and leather gauntlets render a tough and tender vision that gave this veteran designer one of the few standing ovations at Montreal Fashion Week.

To do this collection justice, it is safe to say Gagnon reached deep, blurring lines of Cubism and Art Deco with geometric crochet and leather that is almost liquid when in movement. But for a presentation that provoked touch and exploration both of the mind and body, no reference will do.


Chin Seow Pua, Fashion Writer