Eve Gravel - fall/winter 2010

The light designs of Eve Gravel easily adopt a coy sexiness reminiscent of French New Wave, complete with beret.

For her customers, Gravel distilled key looks of the past, did it up in black and a smattering of plum and leopard chiffon. The use of lace, sequins and Breton stripes on padded shoulders and defined waists may sound heavy and kitschy, but Gravel’s presentation is entirely light-hearted with little sporty details.

A tomboy aesthetic runs throughout the collection in raglan lace sleeves, easy dresses and loose sweaters. Leather wrap belts and bits of cord tie up the waists but the whole collection is really an exercise in careless sex appeal with a good flick of eyeliner as an afterthought.


Chin Seow Pua, Fashion Writer