The Toronto New Labels Collections - spring/summer 2001

The Toronto Fashion Incubator and Fashion Magazine presented the New Labels Spring 2001 Collections showcasing four hot new Canadian designers.
Response began the show with feminine, street inspired looks in ice cream colours. Draped sleeves, a slim suit and a metallic drop shoulder short sleeve blouse with matching culottes showed the strong potential of designer Glynis Dupuis. Trig, the label designed by Deborah Brown followed with an exciting combination of pastel shades and Las Vegas inspired designs, paying homage to the king himself, Elvis Presley, however the simple tube dresses and A-line skirts stole the show. Ta/nin designer Allyson Lewis was the darling of the event, offering wearable pieces that demonstrated experience gained as a former designer for Mister Leonard, as well as a keen sense of what sells in a trend driven market. Highlights of the collection include cummerbunds, an ’80s inspired blouson jacket, black leggings and a stretch denim asymmetric box pleat skirt. All references to the 2001 trends in the international fashion world. Finally, Wolves, the winner of the New Labels Collections Award, showed a youthful and exuberant, street inspired collection that assures a bright future for the design team of Joyce Lo and Sabrina Albanese. The ’80s and “My Sticker Collection” where the inspirations for their designs, with creative screen printing on fabrics and the strategic placement of leather and denim shapes on blouson shirts and skirts.

Christina Raines
Fashion Reporter

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer