Silikon by Ali Davoudi - spring/summer 2001

Tucked in a weather-beaten building just behind a bridge in the Parc Extension industrial zone in Montreal, the most glamourous Canadian fashion event of the year unfolded. A horde of hundreds fought over the freight elevator to SILIKON’s star-studded launch of their Spring/Summer 2001 collection. Even the police couldn’t help attending.

About 600 guests crowded the sprawling concrete space on Avenue Atlantique, mingling to the stylings of David Bowie while partaking of abundant sushi and libations.

SILIKON by Ali Davoudi designs clothing with attitude. The show and the models flaunted with a lust for life. An innovatively engineered lighting set-up consisting of a series of racking stations licensed a stunning level of visual acuity.

The collection featured beautifully layered clothing with a ferocious sense of individuality, even warrior-like resilience. Of note was a series of knit dresses on top of patterned skin-tight body suits. Typical of Montreal, most of the pants were tight and revealing. An orange, red and fuschia-patterned dress with a hint of dismembered paisely shone brightly. The piece de resistance, however, was a delicate white-knit one-piece with hood and an open, draping back. Throughout the show, white stitching was put to refreshingly good use, while the gold & rhinestone waist bracelets proved to be the most versatile accessory.

The men’s line was equally as daring, faux-leather tops and shirts tied at the waist being the highlight. The fashions project an air of sexual liberty within gender equality, Raggedy Ann and Andy with a taste for the good life.

As if the collection wasn’t enough to feast on, the show was punctuated by a celtic dance routine, followed by a video presentation synched to the “Dallas” theme song.

Artistic direction was provided by AMG Creative Team. Among those on hand to document this cultural celebration were Global TV, Clin D’Oeil and Fashion File.

Coko, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer