Ula Zukowska - spring/summer 2001

C’mon put your palms together now! Ula Zukowska for spring/summer 2001 dropped a bomb on the Gap’s trendy swing dancing and khakis. The show set against a white backdrop included some serious model pose-downs similar to the catchy commercials we love and hate, but the difference was the clothes moved as far away from the normalcy of everyday lives. A strobe light, tiny clusters of pebbles, and a photographer included as part of the scene formed an installation piece to remember. Ula’s woman is certainly an individual. The personalities behind the clothes just as important. While some pieces took on a modified renegade biker/snowboarder look, the collection also featured a beautiful and softer floor length dress with a textured crinkle bottom. Fabrics had an ethereal feel like a hi-tech stealth parachute with sculptural detailing but if you entered any room in these clothes the radar would sound off. Jagged caterpillar collars and hoods slinked into a new shape with every movement to protect against the elements.

Furthermore, top stitched computer boards, wind slits, and plastic geometric pouches with a feather inside complemented this modern outlook and prepare you for our rapidly changing environment. The mid-gloss gun metal capri’s and techno outerwear were highlights as Zukowska was inspired by the “times around us, street fashion, architectural form, and technology”. Her clothes are not bound by size, shape, or age, but are simply for the free of mind.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer