Andrew Majtenyi - spring/summer 2002

The Temple Bar in Toronto was the perfect backdrop for Andrew Majtenyi’s Spring 2002 preview, in light of the Bacchanalian theme prevalent in the collection. Religion and leisure have never been better bedfellows than in Majtenyi’s irreverent collection. Andrew’s unique outlook on fashion is what pushes the envelope even further by combining draping and asymmetrical trends with 70’s disco influences.
The result? A sinfully fun clubwear and streetwear collection.

Dazzling Op-art patterns, metallic print and green euro-plaid are just some of the styles used to tailor the Majtenyi line. The use of barely perceptible bias-cut creates an illusory line between cut and fall. The remarkable sense of balance at play here reveals Majtenyi’s intimate knowledge of how his fashion is worn, and allows for a true market interface. The “fox girl” pop art dress with black ruffles is the piece-de resistance that all but clamors for attention.

Majtenyi’s collection is about wearing sensuality on your sleeve, with bias-cut in bold colours fitting snugly and without apology. The collection provides alternative options, filling a niche market gap.

Sass, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer