Chako - spring/summer 2002

A virtually self-sustained fashion phenomenon, Chako for JME produces yet another collection that makes the case for all-season leather garments. With soft-as-silk treated lambskin as a staple, it’s no wonder that 70,000 Japanese tourists flock to James Moto Enterprises for the exclusive Chako experience. Chako for JME’s first Toronto Fashion Week appearance primed the Canadian market for these luxurious, washable goods. The ostrich and lambskin spotted jackets and pants are among the more flirty offerings, while the beige lambskin suit with brown hand-stitched bolero offers an equally bold statement tempered with elegance.

Chako Setoyama tells us why her designs are so popular with the foreign crowd. “I create exclusive designs in fine Canadian materials, and this is what people want to buy when travelling here.” Advertising on Japanese TV and in Japanese magazines has helped make Chako for JME popular in the Asian market. Turning their sights on the domestic market is the next logical step - and Toronto fashion Week is the perfect way to do it.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer