Misura - spring/summer 2002

Womenswear designer Joeffer Caoc’s Misura kicked off Spring 2002 Toronto Fashion Week at an outdoor show that marked Caoc’s triumphant return to the Canadian Fashion Stage. Caoc, who won the City of Toronto Designer of the Year Award in 1999, is once again having a banner year and was the talk of Fashion Week. Derick Chetty, Market Editor for Flare magazine was impressed by what he saw.

“Joeffer is one of the big talents that we have in fashion. It’s a competitive line and he always puts on a good production.”

Misura’s Spring 2002 collection is a well-balanced synergy of bias-cut and symmetrical seam work. The bias-cut charcoal pinstripe seersucker jacket and pleated dress uses a fitted waist as a fulcrum point. In keeping with the season, the subdued spectrum of black, charcoal and glacier is livened with crimson and salmon pieces. A razor-sharp crimson two-piece suit with triangular pleats marks a refreshing return to symmetry. The mauve jersey one-piece with flip-fold gatherings, in addition to the many pieces featuring triangular rear seams, portrays the gentle constructivist leanings that make Caoc’s silhouettes so distinct. The true balance is struck with filamented lace shoulder-straps, tassles and other incorporated accessories that lend deliacy to the entire collection. The only confusing element is the vague country premise ‘Misura County’, which probably had more to do with the location than with the collection.

Joeffer Caoc, describes for us his tight-wire balancing act.

“I like to design things which are opposite. I’m negotiating the two dichotomies of hard tailoring and assymetrical bias cut.”

Working with the Toronto Film Festival and designing for such stars as Molly Parker and Angela Bassett is giving Misura the high visibility that a Canadian designer of his level deserves.
On a career track like this, the sky’s the limit.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer