Roxanne Nikki - spring/summer 2002

”Sushi to go” is Roxanne Nikki’s aptly named Spring 2002 fashion menu. Graphic combinations of contrasting of reds, blacks and whites give the collection a celebratory vitality, complete with elements of the Japanese flag as a recurring motif. The silhouettes are marked by clean, straight lines and accented with circular features, frayed edges and undulations. The result is a collection of separates with an unmistakable Asian twist. Other women’s pieces in the collection include comfortable “wrap and roll” features, demonstrating Nikki’s priority on wearable, exquisite fashion. Roxanne Nikki for men offers a straight silhouette with radical colour blends. The white, bright orange and red pants play harmony with the masculine cabana shirts and vests. All of this in cool, natural linens.

Roxanne Nikki lets go this season, allowing her boundless creative juices to run wild this season, in a tasteful way. And this is exactly what her customers expect of her, including the dash of humour that we see on a consistent basis. The current issue of FW magazine has chosen to style Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Amber Benson in a Roxanne Nikki original, an off-white strapless dress.

Sass, Fashion Reporter
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer