Number Six - spring/summer 2002

Inspired by the intrepid agent Number Six on the 60’s cult television show ‘The Prisoner’, the brainchild of design team Jennifer Mavrinac and Heidi Wallace unleashes a versatile collection for the active, urban woman. The accent on individuality is more than a marketing construct in Numbersix Spring 2002, a collection that delineates strong, feminine silhouettes.

The black and white crepe pieces and the brown geometric prints offer a minimalist functionality. The more elaborate brown lace-up leather bustier with stitched geometric paisely detailing underlines numbersix’ grasp of the ‘unique’.

Numbersix debuted at Marilyn Brooks’ Fall 2001 show, and their leather designs are still available at Marilyn Brooks’s Yorkville boutique.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer