Ronda Bean - spring/summer 2002

Ronda Bean’s infamous creative flair developed during her modeling career, and is reincarnated into something new with her eponymous label. The sexy Ronda B. knitwear collection is making the fashion wheels turn, producing a line for women 18 to 45 from an array of rich, international yarns. The lime and baby blue knits with cut-outs give a sporty look. For a more formal appeal, the elaborate knits on a ruffled crinoline bell as well as the emerald and forest green combos do the trick. But the highlight of the collection breaches those two polarities with timelessness. An off-the-shoulder variegated bouclé knit with diagonally cascading top are the kinds of pieces Ronda B. is going to be remembered for.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer