SHAN - swimwear 2002

”S” is for stylish swimwear, the field that SHAN has refined to a science for over fifteen years. A trip to the SHAN boutique in downtown Montreal is enough to make anyone catch he next plane to Bahamas, if for nothing than to show off their latest purchases. SHAN’s haute couture 2002 swimwear collection for men, women and children is available in 140 different au courant styles.

From the hand-painted “Graffiti” swimsuit to the asymmetrically draped “Flirt” model with black flower, retro looks are treated to modern cuts. As with the pleated bustier of “Starlette”, SHAN takes swimwear into new heights, offering consumers elegant and sexy silhouettes. Glam chic styling is the fabric that SHAN uses to gain new fans by the minute.

SHAN is a Canadian company founded by creative and business visionary Chantal Levesque. In addition to swimwear, SHAN designs coordinates and accessories.

Sass, Fashion Reporter