David Dixon - spring/summer 2003

David Dixon opens spring-summer 2003 women’s wear in black chiffon with billowy ostrich feathers for gowns and off-the-shoulder tops. An original silhouette is found in the crinkled superpositions of the long skirt coupled with the cropped white suit jacket with wide lapels and saddle-stitching. The asymmetric bell skirt in the same material with single-buttoned double-breasted jacket is equally as riveting and a tad more liberated.

Dixon makes up for the fact that his distressed denim is way too neat and orderly to be distressed by thrusting on us the dramatics of the seersucker London Fog trench. Some intricate black cobweb lace camisoles create a stunning effect when paired with flared white pants in large, multidirectional stripes. In fact, white ruled this show. A white silk taffeta summer dress with cross-woven pattern is the kind of simple articulation that Dixon is known for. Among the sporadically interjected token men’s wear pieces were a few nice loose-fitting suits in black and white.

“Surrender not to the pleasures of the ordinary” was the caption to the right of the runway. Dixon surrenders to the pleasures of the eclectic, presenting 20 versions of each good idea, though this gets a little predictable. Ironically, conceptual designers like Dixon are strongest when examining all the angles.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer