Duy - spring/summer 2003

The name Duy has been circulating in fashion circles for about a year now, and at Montreal Fashion Week we were shown first-hand why the label can only increase in popularity. Broadcast live on MusiquePlus, Duy’s spring/summer 2003 collection uses natural fabrics such as silk, organza, linen and cotton to create minimalist women’s wear with fresh, new silhouettes. Duy takes an organic approach to form construction, using illusory patterns and fluid bodyscapes to offset regimented lines, as we see in the origami-style pleated bell dress.

A Mary Quant London chic is ever-present, and the lighter-than-air styling of the black satin balloon Capri pants confirm Duy’s intention to create not only clothes, but likewise living spaces. If you haven’t been to Duy’s boutique EBO (Everyday Beautiful Objects) in Old Montreal, don’t waste any time. Together with Morales, Kamkyl, Wantstil and a handful of others, Duy is one of the reasons why Old Montreal into the neighbourhood to get avant-garde fashion.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer