Harebell - spring/summer 2003

Harebell’s show at the ultra modern DNA space was a cool way to wind down Toronto Fashion Week. Pouring her typically emotive self into her work, Shelli Oh delivers another small, untouchable collection in sombre earth tones. Assymetry takes front stage, and this is executed with an original twist in the off-kilter white shirt with shoulder cut-outs.

Oh does well in not serializing the asymmetrical forms. The features that do recur are presented originally; the swooping v-neck is as omnipresent as the fabric ‘crossbar’ that pretends to hold the ribbed silk tops and dresses together.

Shelli Oh knows how to transform her sartorial poetics into a dollar amount.

“The label has had surprising sales, perhaps most surprising is the penetration of the US market. We went from 3 to 73 stores in six months.”

Shelli knows what makes a Canadian label attractive to US buyers.

“Essentially, Canadian fashion is known as quality fashion. When you combine this with the benefit of the Canadian dollar, they’re really getting their money’s worth.”

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer