Mackage - spring/summer 2003

Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy are on the warpath to bring Mackage to the snappy young dressers of the world. And why not? Rapidly advancing industry technology is making leather easier to manipulate, and who better than a young team who designs with their own fashion needs in mind.The collection is the very epitome of spring.

The bias-cut two-tone white striped skirt almost breaks into a dirndl, held on the waist by a tight swatch of tan leather, giving the impression of being low slung. It is this kind of barely restrained dynamism in the women’s silhouette that scores big points for Mackage’s seventh collection (tell me these two aren’t ambitious). The white tie-wrap blouse reminds us that there is something celebratory about a change of season.

Mackage redefines the A-line trench as a trendy item by raising the waistline a few inches. The wide-lapelled trench reflects the breeziness of the collection, while a black button-down version offers an equally sleek look. A fitted, white overcoat successfully incorporates an imposing tan leaf brocade by using it in perfect symmetry. While some of the men’s pieces are desirable, the label’s true strength lies in developing the details of the Mackage women’s silhouette. A perfect example of this is their penchant for cinching sleeves at the shoulder, a subtle feature that goes a long way in shaping a garment’s character. I suspect that the bias cut knee-length black leather skirt is going to be the label’s sell-out item of the season.

Eran Elfassy tells the secret to the duo’s early success.

“We are opposite. She wants long, I want short, I want white and she wants black. We argue a lot and the result is great cooperation.”

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer