Morales - spring/summer 2003

Someone must have tipped off the Italian media about Renata Morales. Someone must have leaked how hot her styles are, and it could have anyone-she has so many fans. Montreal Fashion Week was set ablaze with her crazily cross-strapped landscape print pants with warrior webbing and dress with pin-over shoulder flap. The paint-splattered, basket-woven tops reveal a bit about Morales’ painterly past as much as the smock with irregularly sized buttons did. Some glitzy low-slung dresses revelled in the chaotic avant-garde, and even black chiffon couldn’t help but contract the art bug.

There is a curious dynamic in Morales’s creations that I’m sure the label’s groupies know all about-there are certain elements is almost every garment that just yearn to break free, and it is this inner conflict that gives the design its cache. Renata concurs with this analysis.

“With this collection I am tracing movement changes, particularly changes with light. You know, a fabric behaves differently all depending on the light it’s seen in.”

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer