On & On - spring/summer 2003

Annie Langlois and Josianne Dubreuil can bet that you’ve never seen this before. There is more to the answer than that it is a physical impossibility. On & On Ecolochic puts an innovative spin on friperie with recycled clothing, seamless men’s and women’s wear pieces harmonizing daring colours and fabrics with verve. A brown wool pinstriped skirt brandishes a swath of denim, taking the bias-cut to its extremes. Bright terrycloth is worked into tasteful sportwear while a variety of denims, corduroys and tweeds are rescued from the basement bin and given the Ecolochic treatment.Marie-Josée Bonaldo, manager of Espace Pepin elaborates on how the label is environmentally, as well as socially conscious.

“The label is 100% recycled material. All materials are gathered from recycling centres, and if you take a close look, it’s all men’s fabrics, even the women’s pieces. The sewing of each garment becomes a project of a battered woman in a local shelter. There are no two pieces the same, it is absolute exclusivity.”

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer