Pat McDonagh - spring/summer 2003

Pat McDonagh opens spring-summer 2003 with breezy floral-print Monet Impressionism, beautiful hues of lilly, blue and turquoise bedecking chiffon dresses and frock-coats. Lime green livens things up with good structure in a sharply contoured pair of high-waisted capris and cropped top with balloon epaulettes. There is a white and blue jacquard set of pant suits, dinner coats and denim-hybrid skirts that prove lurid and classy can inhabit the same stitches of thread.

A rich cream set with vine brocade organza overlay features a magnificent short bell dress; note the ingenuity of the high-implied waist and what this does to the general silhouette. A snow white linen set is the healthy dose of minimalism that offsets the whimsical flight taken by the red and black ladybug pieces. McDonough also does the prettiest little pink dress that you ever seen. Little note to the stylist: either the bustiers are too rigid and the shoulder-straps are too loose, or someone’s not pairing the right models with the right outfits…

The zenith of the collection is the melting gold satin set, a classic McDonagh orchestration. She takes the tragically ornate gothic lace that black had its way with in Fall ‘02 and makes it a spring possession, shimmering voluptuously as intimate eveningwear.

In her busy career dressing royalty (and rock royalty), perhaps Pat McDonagh has overlooked the fact that she has become fashion royalty herself. Please email us if you think she should receive the Order of Canada. Who knows, if we have enough signatures …

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer