Rudsak - spring/summer 2003

I was a little concerned when I saw Rudsak’s fall/winter 2002 collection; it had appeared as if the label’s design approach would be forever resigned to the machinations of an omnipotent leather empire. With Spring/summer 2003, Rudsak gets back to design basics, and designer Evik Asatoorian explains why the total image had to go.

“This season I wanted to be subtle. I changed the fabrics and altered the finish to create a throw-together look.”

Designing for both men and women is a challenge, one that Rudsak has grown into with poise. For spring/summer 2003, suede is used to bridge the gap. Both the men’s rust double-breasted suede jacket and the women’s sand-tone suede mini-trench with nifty cross strapping have de-lustred punch. Rudsak’s soft-touch treated leather is back, treading modestly through the collection. The women’s straight cut leather bombers and pleated skirts are juiced up with a minimal amount of detailing and maintain a tight, vertical accentuation. Men’s black leather pants have a looser, dare I say cowboy look.

Canadian spring, that most ambivalent of seasons, is the perfect opportunity to transgress the inner-outerwear line. Rudsak walks the fence deftly, as many of the pieces in the collection are both just thin and just thick enough to be worn almost anywhere. I suspect that when choosing fabrics Asatoorian had more than the look in mind.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer