Swimwear Collective - spring/summer 2003

Montreal Fashion Week got a healthy dose of sunshine when Canada’s top swimwear designers put their best bare foot forward for the Swimwear Collective 2003.

Maillot Baltex with a women’s swimwear collection that uses provocative lines in all the right places to create a modern gypsy look, as in the red two-piece that hinges on two points of the waist. Maïa’s retro op-art geometry is a great look for any beach picnic, coming in orange, baby blue, brown and cream. Luk’s racy feline print bikinis compete with a bevy of surfing shorts for attention.

Louise Daoust, couture designer for Lili Les Bains, brings the most exquisite pieces to the runway, demonstrating the right way to sell summer madness, all in superior colour choices. The lime-green and aquamarine sheer pieces posit a contemporary look, while the classic sobriety of the sculpted two-piece swimsuits is achieved with halter straps and mature cuts. Other designers who participated in the show are Angela Jones, JM and Look Au Masculin.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer