Yolanda Ng - spring/summer 2003

Yolanda Ng walks the dangerous line of incorporating her trademark raw leather cutouts with sultry chiffon eveningwear, to shockingly original results. The collection is intricate and iconoclastic, as a closer look at any of the outfits will reveal.

Wispy chiffon with camouflage stencilling in black, grey and banana yellow is used for both pants and a halter-neck gown. When accompanied by any of the jacquard-print or leather capelettes, a subversion of the highest order occurs, lending itself to an elegance as removed as the collection itself. By far the most exquisite of them all is the semi-transparent wraparound sheer skirt with vine brocade, where just a touch of satin goes a long way.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer