Damzels in This Dress - spring/summer 2004

The Damzels know how to put on a rocking good show for Spring 2004, and it didn’t hurt to have their own horror flick, “Rise of the Damzels Swamp Zombies”, playing to the boisterous Toronto audience. The creepy new collection sprang to life immediately after the video presentation.

The new Damzels look came looming out of the mist to take us all by surprise-Silkscreen nature patterns in eye-popping contrasting colours. The sequence rides on the strength of electric blue, and on the belief that brash is graphically beautiful.

Another look worn by the hollow-eyed vixens spooking out the Carlu Lounge were the dresses in embroidered lace in Louisiana cut, looking sultry with or without the gathered fabric. The tulle detailing served to remind us that even the bloodthirsty have their soft side.

It’s becoming clear that some of Damzels’ dresses are made for movement, especially with fading patterns that vanish even more on the diaphanous chiffon. At least one sequence of stiffer silhouettes shows up to keep things in check. Striped monochromes with halter straps have a touch of pirate attitude.

You know something’s cooking when the collection highlight reads like the name of a cake. The triple-layer lace dress with orange and black tie-dye effect looks almost good enough to eat.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer