Isabelle Elie - spring/summer 2004

Isabelle Elie Spring 2004 is a decidedly focused collection. The prints are as varied as we’ve seen this season, with a garden of floral patterns, pastel smudges and fading jungle patterns in sinuous lines.

Isabelle Elie stakes the new line on tastefulness with a twist, such as the black and white geo-print dress with the salmon jacket. The white double-layered dress navigates the best of both worlds. It has a clean neckline and a fringed double-layered bottom with just enough unruliness to keep it cool. One of the reasons why Elie’s designs always look so natural and effortless is because the right cuts are paired with the right fabrics.

Who says that you can’t wear knits in the spring? Elie’s speckled and fringed ensemble says that tricots might just be the thing to herald the end of the oppressive northern winter.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer