Falbala - spring/summer 2004

Falbala’s collection looks perfect for dancing: tango, swing, salsa, you name it. In Melanie and Sophie Veilleux’ second major fashion show, the emphasis is on the hips and on pivotal movement, a nod at dynamic femininity. This design philosophy shines through in the athletic attributes as well, with halter-tops proliferating throughout the collection.

Delicate stitching abounds, lending the outfits a mature pose, while cotton candy pink, sea aqua and banana yellow infuses a youthful spirit. The flared pants work well with their striped accessories, giving the business-casual dresser relaxed options that put the onus on length. Satin is the power fabric that Falbala uses to create something a touch unusual and asymmetric, though it’s worth noting that the strongest pieces in this collection are indeed the simplest ones.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer