Harebell - spring/summer 2004

A small collection can be infinitely powerful if all the right elements are in place. Shelli Oh delivers nothing more than the dainty essentials for her spring 2004 collection.

Silk dresses stay edgy by hinging on awkward seams comprising of gathered lace and the odd unobtrusive buckle. The colour combinations are really subtle in this collection, with cappuccino virtually indistinguishable from its sandier cousins. The cream negligee is cinched at the waist, barely passing for a skirt, a resourceful twist one can’t help but be excited about.

Finely cut lace is a staple in the collection, though this time its home is on structured silhouettes with a bit more rigidity than we’re used to seeing. Duo-tone dresses use ornate (if not quaint) lace detailing, lending a smidgen of Eastern European influence to the complete the beautiful and concise collection.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer