Janet T. Planet - spring/summer 2004

Janet T. Planet produces a sensitive and mature collection for Spring 2004, if we can overlook the clock prints that stultified the opening pieces at the designer’s Toronto show.

The double-layered pencil dress in gunmetal blue is a better proponent of the verve that the label is known for. The same goes for the tattered white skirt paired with the athletic halter-top, a sexy clash that brings out the best in planet wear.

Details like chaotic stains spruce things up in a rebel kind of way, reminding us why stars like Hawksley Workman have been spotted wearing Janet T. Planet threads.

If the label has another salient strength it would be versatility, vacillating effortlessly from Euro-punk tendencies to evening elegance, with a meeting ground the size of Hudson Bay. Satin is the fabric of choice for a spate of dresses that exploit every sinuous line the wearer has to offer, adding splashes of digressive colour when necessary to break up the blue and purple hegemony of the evening line.

It would be a crime to overlook the sinful short shorts that double as lingerie, or the satin silk bias cut skirts that attempt in a single couture breath to convey the ocean palette.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer