the Waiter and the Slut - spring/summer 2004

The Waiter and the Slut by Mila Finkelshtein Spring 2004 tries every which way but loose to invent new silhouettes, and the results are original, if somewhat challenging.

Modifications galore are performed on the halter-top dress, from replacing the top with widened straps to introducing a floating waistline. In the shuffle not everything ends up where it should-bizarre shoulder cuts bring in a boxiness I don’t think the designer was going for. The fact that the colour changes are as abrupt doesn’t help the cause.

The skirt and top ensembles fare better because they let sex appeal take the reigns. Finkelstein executes this in lighter tones with the wraparound bolero t-shirt and matching pleated skirt. The pleats are suggested rather than ironed in, and it’s a good thing that this kind of playfulness screams for attention.

The elusive shadowing in some of the chiffon pieces is definitely an aspect the label should expand upon, perhaps in future collections. The music dress is an instant classic. It sports the best of the line’s cutesy motifs, with a cut so impeccable that the allure is singular and irrefutable.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Serge Kerbell, Photographer