Muse - spring/summer 2004

Christian Chenail’s penchant for cinematic diva-hood appears to be insatiable. Audrey Hepburn becomes the new target of adoration in Muse’s “I Love Your Funny Face.”

This time the fantasy is in dimpled seersucker and embossed knits, and striped every which way but plain. The 50’s look of bared shoulders is heavily drawn upon, and so is the naïve daintiness of Capri pants and little dresses. The delicate interplay of pink, coral, raspberry, mint and black truly is probably one of the most harmonious colour palettes I’ve ever seen on a Muse runway.

The stiff black coquille dress takes the cake-shattering the eye with total loss of depth, almost of intangible texture, proving to be even more than a piece de resistance. You’re going to see this in a commercial or a movie sometime soon because this is a piece no stylist worth their lint brush can resist. Let’s hope they can resist the dragon prints that slog clumsily through the collection.

It’s great to see Christian Chenail working in monochromes of pink, black and white. It helps to remind us all that temptation chooses innocent disguises when it can.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer