Mark Peros - spring/summer 2004

Mark Peros Spring 2004 illustrates something that we have long suspected about the label-it’s deftness at introducing and maintaining a theme. While evoking nothing culturally specific other than the vaguely modish, Peros manages to weave seamlessly through loosely connected looks. Okay, maybe it reminds me of Key West.

Peros uses brown as an example of what balance can be struck by using an earth tone with an unorthodox cut. Add a touch of chaotic print chiffon and you have a dynamic outfit worth any prolonged stare.

The business suit scores points with its sharpness, from the double-breast right down to the tapered ankle. Seersucker continues the look but with a more casual fit, on pants, jackets and dresses, not content to charm unless completely.

The duo-tone Brazilian strap dress is a cute little affair that pushes the label into new territory. Peros keeps up this sensuality with the delicate wraparound blouses with the passion stains, pieces that convince me that Mark Peros is becoming synonymous with spring laissez-faire.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer