Eryn Reid - spring/summer 2004

A colleague recently ran into my office brandishing a newspaper and a look of morbid fear. “We’re going to be hit by a solar storm!” Rather than dive under the desk to save my life, I wondered if the headline was describing Eryn Reid.

Reid’s trademark enthusiasm blazed through Toronto Fashion Week for the designer’s second spring collection. Brilliant white takes on Alice in Wonderland garb including such fineries as the white Queen Jacket. The Looking Glass skirt is not as impractical as it sounds, while other dresses put more sexual elements than I remember being in the original fairy tale.

The fringe thing is happening for the women’s wear, and this is about as rough-hewn as the fantasy gets. Some really cool pieces emerge from the design lab, like the red vinyl chevron dress and matching bikini bra.

It’s cool to see Reid putting out some muted colours as well, in the form of a charcoal tank top and chiffon-hemmed pants. These rare moments when colour takes a backseat to design, like the cascade of blue dots on the edge of a skirt, are strangely gratifying.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer