Rudsak - spring/summer 2004

’White Time’ is Rudsak’s theme for Spring 2004, a vote of confidence in the colour white to demonstrate the epiphany of freedom…or at least a couple of decent options to shake your booty in April!

The white suede jacket for women is to die for, with its felted finish and darkened corners. Rudsak has the fitted jacket down to a science, and produces a couple of snappy white ones, a season whose love affair with white is endless. Nearly every pair of pants in the collection is in radiant white denim.

Rudsak is taking their weather-beaten leather to the next level. This season’s goodies have the worn cowboy look minus the contrived sandblasting on the aviators of a couple of seasons ago.

For men the no-frills approach does wonders; it’s amazing to see a black leather jacket with nothing to adorn it but the man inside. This hyper-masculinity doesn’t mean that the men’s jackets can’t look good with a shoulder pad here or there…

There are zippers galore in this collection, following the Canadian trend. While the utility pockets help to advance the concept Rudsak is no doubt going for, I’m not sure if slapping four of them on one jacket helps the cause. We carry cell phones, not grenades!

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer