Tavãn and Mitto - spring/summer 2004

Tavãn and Mitto trot out ‘Ipanema,’ for Spring 2004, a masterpiece of a collection that swings between being racy and tastefully elegant.

The swooping art Deco ‘flying V’s’ really put some panache into the immaculately tailored pieces in virgin white. Similarly, the dolman-sleeved blouse cinches at the waist while erupting into a band of purple chevrons. Despite these dramatic embellishments the design remains clean and impeccable. What balance!

The symmetry, a Spring 2004 trend, is damn near flawless except when it needs to be transgressed, such as with the multi-coloured disk appliqué that can’t help but conjure up the mermaid effect. Payam Tavãn and Mike Mitto’s made-to-measure experience really shows in their latest ready-to-wear testament.

Rainbow stripes on white is a concept so simple and cherubic, that left in the hands of these mischievous tailors, the results can only be sinfully stunning. The Capri jacket mirrors this lightness of thought, barely clinging to the shoulder blades, merely an evening accessory to the more sultry dresses.

A handful of crepe is tossed in to soften the mix, and to create supple enough silhouettes in which to dance the Brazilian night away. Not content with merely dinner-wear, T&M incorporate a few jackets into the collection.

When you’re dealing with the level of minutiae that Tavãn and Mitto are for Spring 2004, the impact that one well-placed stripe of colour can have is tremendous. These obtuse, intersecting satin stripes in turquoise, sherbet green and blustery orange jazz up the monochromatic white, while keeping the collection well within trend territory. The label gets a face-lift in the process. Not bad, eh?

This is hands-down one of the best collections in the Canadian schedule. I just wish I could wear most of the things I like.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer