Catherine Brulé - spring/summer 2005

When’s the last time you saw a model dressed in the exact colours of a cosmopolitan cocktail, head to toe? Catherine Brulé serves up an intoxicating blend of colour for Spring 2005.

It’s refreshing to witness a collection that’s not bogged down by designer seriousness. Brulé goes absolutely carefree with example after example of crepe skirts and dresses in tropical regalia. Her signature scrunching is more delicate and thoughtful than it sounds-it’s used to festoon more than one sprightly skirt. She uses a particularly sanguine pink so often in the collection, you might think it was going out of style.

When it’s necessary, Catherine Brulé can play the serious card. Her demure evening dresses don’t pretend to be anything other than tube tops and skirts with spaghetti straps and subtle embroidery. The cuts in the collection are at once clean and easy, and leave much to the imagination.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer