David Dixon - spring/summer 2005

One of Canada’s most respected designers brings romantic dreaminess to the nation’s Spring 2005 line-up, done in classic lines that fans of David Dixon have fallen in love with long ago.

A beige dinner jacket is dappled with faint shimmering print, and worn over strapped dresses to jazz up serene sophistication with verve, and an alternative is presented in jardiniere prints with jacquard inlay. The delicate cappuccino embroidered silk dress tells a whole other story-a more personal one that is echoed in nearly every piece of the well-balanced collection.

Dixon stays true to form in many ways, and the most obvious example of this is his commitment to playing referee between black and white-okay, sometimes he’ll let cream and charcoal step into the ring, but the point is clear. Contrast is his middle name. The slashed rosette evening gowns demonstrate this with style.

Some of the designer’s staples, such as organza shell blouses and trim, are getting a little stale for my tastes, if for any reason because the reprise is not done refreshingly. The floating feathers were a nice, weightless touch and they helped to make up for it.

A few aspects in particular make this a trendy collection. Not only does Dixon use Capri pants whenever and with whatever top he can ( I cite an exquisite pair in muted plum), but his cartoonish geo-floral prints are done in the inexplicably hot shades of ochre and brown that is currently making the 1970’s a chromatically cool decade. The spaghetti straps also serve to keep some of the outfits in sizzle territory.

As usual, David Dixon is clearly in his element when he’s inventing. The burnished copper satin pants are manacled at the ankle, and this not only sends ripples up the leg, but also through the fashion community.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer