Jay Godfrey - spring/summer 2005

For his debut spring 2005 collection, Jay Godfrey reaches for the stars and comes back with
a handful of sparkles.

One of the most salient weaknesses of the collection is that Mr. Godfrey treats different fabrics as if they were the same. The tailoring that works for the mint-green leather jacket is forced on the satin dresses, giving them an overall bulkiness that a spring collection should do without. Frivolous details, such as the odd loops lining a spate of dress hems, only serve to exacerbate the clunkiness problem.

Toronto red carpet stylist Linda Gaylard expressed reserved enthusiasm for the collection.

“His credentials seem good - trained at Parsons, interned at Oscar de la Renta. I would definitely use a few of his pieces, but most of his designs represent a rarefied “ladies who lunch” lifestyle that is not subscribed to by most of the Canadian TV and film actors that I work with.”

The chiffon pieces may be the saving grace. Sheer skimpies covered in sequins possess a lightness that is at once subdued by the neutral colours they come in. The evening gowns plead their case successfully with their assymetric cut-away features and multi-coloured rivets. These pieces might have shone a little brighter, however, if the sprawling ambition that went into collection wasn’t so distracting.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer