Marie Saint Pierre - spring/summer 2005

Gentle yet daring, graceful yet organically subversive-no combination of superlatives can sum up what Marie Saint Pierre has done for spring 2005.

Colourful ribbons play a unique part in making this an unimposing yet unforgettable collection. They come in a variety of colours and they serve diverse purposes. Whether as pink and teal shredded filets of a fantastically delicate dress (perhaps typical delicacy for Marie Saint Pierre) or as bombastic swaths of colour livening a white silk halter-top dress, these ribbons tantalize.

Certain nostalgia for simpler times comes through in pieces like the mocha and cream florally embroidered lace skirt. Other outfits, such as the red-trimmed black skirt and boudoir top with chevron detailing have a vaudeville aspect to it, and also a beautiful sadness. Some of the fantasy pieces echo this emotion, with either their billowing snow-white folds or their rainbow sequins.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer