Rosa Costanzo - spring/summer 2005

A whiff of vintage glory peppers Rosa Costanzo’s 2005 spring collection, yet not enough to overpower the designer’s unique style.

One outfit says it all-the teal summer dress, cut of different swathes of blue satin and seersucker. It comes together with such beauty and structural harmony that you have to wonder if it would look just as good on a hanger. This motif is repeated in unimposing corsets and bustiers that are paired with less ornate separates.

I can see where Rosa Costanzo attempts to infuse her collection with European influence, with killer styling and contrasting looks. However some of these finishing touches, such as purple sequins thrown slapdash onto the back pocket flaps of capri pants, end up cheapening the final product. These minor annoyances do not spoil the overall effect that Costanzo strives for, which is effortless style secretly glammed up.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer