Aqualara - swimwear 2006

Aqualara puts together a sprightly swim collection for 2006, showing that a little colour can go a long way.

The pink and white two-piece bikinis are bedecked with frills and ruffled contours, with some chino pants for when the clouds darken that beach holiday. Using solid colours like this helps to strengthen the look of this fledgling label. Who knew that brown and jade green were such close cousins? Aqualara knew it all along, using them with geometrical spunk on one-pieces that defy category, even if they are a touch busy. Stripy red is the choice for the more diverse offerings, which includes a piece that could double as a spring dress if it had a bit more fabric.

Kudos to Aqualara for pulling off a focused collection that was still varied, even if some of the silhouette experiments don’t work so well, being too clunky or fragmented.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer