Beckerman - spring/summer 2006

If Canadian sisters Caillianne, Samantha and Chloe Beckerman are not out to set our imaginations on fire with their spring-summer 2006 line, then they’re out to dress us in fairy-tale hyperbole.

Robin Hood’s feminine counterpart, a character who the Beckermans brought to New York fashion week, springs forth in a tattered halter top and rolled-up muslin shorts, in all the greens of the forest. A serpent creeps onto a cozy knit shrug, definitely a more dangerous piece than the turquoise knit sweater with braiding and popcorn appliqué. Turquoise is also used to fashion a more wearable item, a double-layered chiffon dress.

The best clothes in this collection are the ones that look unabashedly home-made: the bouclé knit bustiers have a craftsy edge and are overdone to perfection. The most commercial separates, such as the pleated summer dress and pointed vest, come in rich goldenrod. What fairy-tale would be complete without the dreamy double-layered chiffon gowns in bands of black, white and cream tangerine?

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
John Ortner, Photographer