Christina - swimwear 2006

Watching a Christina swimwear show is akin to watching the evolution of the bikini. Gone is the notion that beachwear means you have to either bare it all walking practically nude, or cover it all up. With the XOXO and Skechers Beach collections, Christina shows that there was much room for play between the extremes.

The surfer girl has the rainbow to choose from among string numbers, and almost all of the swimsuits have a sloping, sculpted top. Some swimsuits have a halter neck and some are bra-style to go for a more streamlined look. One of the more modest bikinis, denim-style with spicy short-shorts, would be swimmingly apropos in the backyard as well as at the beach. The best swimsuits have retro features, or are hybrid ensembles, as we see with the adorable addition of gingham skirt fronts.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer